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You have PESTS...WE have the CONTROL...

We get asked everyday..."do you think I need pest control"?  "When is the best time to do a treatment"? and many more.  If you are asking questions like this...the answers are simple.  Everyone needs pest control at one time or another and the best time to treat is NOW!  Residential or Commercial...ArachnoPhobic knows PESTS!!Are you tired of buying over the counter pesticides that work for about a week?  Home remedies that temporarily make the critters scamper?  Maybe you have a current company servicing, but just can't get the control you need?  Or looking for a better price?  We are here to provide lasting pest control solutions so you can enjoy life without a can of "bug spray" in hand.  We don't do "spider barriers"...we do PEST CONTROL.  We're not here to scare you into it.  Whether you feel a little fear, maybe allergic, being overrun or just plain disgusted by the creepy crawlies...let us lend you our expertise. 

We provide treatments that are safe for you, your children, your pets, and your structures!  ArachnoPhobic prides itself on being a straight forward, no nonsense company.  You won't find us paying for endorsements or to be at the top of Google.  Our service and knowledge speaks for itself and our constant customer referrals means our customers are paying for the service we provide...not high overhead or advertising.

We always honor our military personal by offering a 15% discount on all services!  Senior citizens also receive a 10% discount.

**identification may be required to participate in discounts**

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